Buy frozen vegetables instead of fresh vegetables for more nutrition

Yes, this might sound weird.How can frozen vegetables contain more nutrition than fresh vegetables?The answer applies to the vegetables that you buy that has been imported from abroad...It usually takes 2-3 days from the time that the vegetable is still growing in the soil to when it actually hits the store. In order for the vegetable to not grow old during this time, they harvest it 2-3 days before it's 100% ripe. The vegetable ripen during the transportation, however, since the plant is litterally "in the dark", it doesn't get the final benefits from the sun that allows more nutrition to develop.

When it comes to frozen vegetables, they get harvested when they are 100% ripe and are therefore more nutritious when you buy those over fresh ones.But keep in mind that this usually isn't the case when you buy vegetables that has been grown locally, or vegetables that has been added with preservatives or additives.The organic vegetables - frozen or fresh - are always the better option (like broccoli!).And yes, this goes for fruits and berries too...


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