Hard to breathe through your nose at night is a sign of unhealthy eating

Every now and then - do you have a hard time to breathe through your nose at night? Feeling that it is stuffed but you can not do anything about it?Besides the possibility of having an allergy, it probably means that you eat more unhealthy food than you actually think.One of the side-effects of bad food is that it makes the body produce more slime and this is what can be clogged up your nose those nights it's hard for you to breathe.What's good or bad food can be discussed, but even a thing like cheese can increase the produce of slime.There is a solution though. You can use a nasal cleanser which you fill up with salty water and rinse your nose with. It's actually the sinus, which is situated at the bottom of your forehead, the water "cleanse" and not your nose.In my opinion this should just be a temporarily solution. A nasal cleanser gets rids of the symptons - but it doesn't cure the cause of the problem. Which in your case might be unhealthy eating, an allergy, or something else.

Do as I do, see the hard-to-breathe-nights as punishments from your own body. That it is telling you to be more aware of your health!


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