Keep Your Health By Eating Less Salt Food

Keep Your Health By Eating Less Salt Food

Keep Your Health By Eating Less Salt Food - I'm sure you've heard you should eat less salt to lower a high blood pressure. Most of you who reads this probably don't have a high blood pressure - but eating lots of salt can cause this, plus getting a stroke, heart disease or even stomach cancer. The average person eats much, much more salt on a day than he should.

In most dishes there is already salt added - especially in restaurants - this is more than enough. I know salt makes the food tastier - but if you try without it a couple of times you can get use to use less or not at all.

didn't use extra salt in my food until I reached the age of 17 or so. My brother introduced me to this "health" salt... I wish he wouldn't... These days I use it very little, mostly not at all. Just like I got used to the taste with salt, I am getting used again to eat food without salt.Keep in mind that the consequences of adding extra salt every now and then might not show up tomorrow, or next year or in five years. But it probably will in 10 or 20 years from now.


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