Soak dried beans over the night instead of cooking canned beans

Here's something I started doing recently. A few times of the week I soak dried beans over the night and cook them the day after. I like to experiment and try new things; so far I've tried kidney beans, aduki beans and mung beans (picture). (And yes, they are all tasty!)The back of the boxes usually say some specific amount of hours the beans should be soaked (usually between 6-10 hours), though I do it over the night so I don't have to count the hours.The reason you should eat dried (organic) beans that you soak yourself instead of canned beans is because there usually is an unnecessary color preservative added, and a thick, salty liquid that the beans swims in...Always try to go as natural as possible when cooking food.I have to admit that it was hard in the beginning to soak all these dried beans the night before because I wasn't used to do it. At times I even forgot to do it, even if I planned it in advance.Like I've mentioned in a lot of health tips on this blog before - I think it's all about making "healthy" a habit. It will be hard in the beginning, yes, but after time, it will get easier and after a while it will come naturally for you.


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