Take the stairs instead of the elevator

Yes... You've heard it before. That you should take the stairs instead of the elevator because, blah blah... We all know why.So why don't you?...I'll ask again. Why don't you?When I moved into my new apartment one year ago I found myself living on the 6th floor for the first time in my life. I had always lived "at the bottom" of any type of building.In the beginning I took the elevator every day... I didn't really think of it, or question it.One day this question popped up in my head out of the blue: "So why don't I take the stairs instead?"For some reason it got stuck in my head. The only answer I could come up with was "because everyone else is taking the elevator".
And just like that I decided to never take the elevator again.And I haven't. For almost a year now.I calculate that I take the stairs approximately six times a day, and I can litterally feel it in my legs - the exercise I get. The FREE exercise I get. Not to mention the small boosts my energy level gets aswell!I must admit that the first few weeks was a bit exhausting, but I got used to it, and now I wish I lived on the 10th floor!


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