Tell your friends to remind you of your bad posture

I have a big problem with my posture. I've had it since age 14 and I think there haven't been a single day since then when I have not thought of my bad posture.Recently I've come to terms that my back "problem" is psychological rather than physical because when I'm at home or when I am outside when it's dark with few people around I can easliy walk with a straight back with no problems at all. But when I'm in a city centre full of people it feels like something litterally weighs down my shoulders, making it hard to walk with a straigh back.I have figured out that my back problem maybe has to do with low self esteem, or likely, though I, in general, do feel confident, so it's a bit contradicting.Like I wrote in the beginning of this post, I do think of my bad posture and to "stand straight" and likely on a daily basis. I usually manage to have a good posture for a minute or two when I suddenly find myself with a bad posture again.

I have thought of some "solutions" that helps a bit regarding this:First one is to let everyone around you know about your problem. I'm talking about those who you feel confident to share it with, of course. To me, my family and some of my closests friends. Tell them to remind you of your bad posture when they see it.Second one is to always think positive when you are thinking about your posture. Always think sentences like "I will walk with a straight back" or "Improving my posture" instead of the negative ones like "Damn, I'm having a bad posture right now".Think the law of attraction. Use only positive words in your head.Third is to start going to the gym. Working out those back muscles do help a lot with the posture.


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