The easiest way to lose weight is by walking

Are you one of those who doesn't do any workout at all? Maybe you don't want to, because of laziness or because time for it simply doesn't exist.Well, the easiest way ever to lose weight is to start walking more.If the car ride is only 5-10 minutes - walk instead!If you jump off at the bus station that lies 10 metres from your home - jump off at the station before!Does it take 25 minutes for you to walk from your home to your office - then WALK.You burn lots of more calories by walking than people actually think. Sure, the burning is faster if you run the treadmill - but that doens't mean you don't burn any calories at all when you are walking. The only difference is that you have to put more time into it. Which is the trick - to try to include daily walks in the daily life. "Hidden" walks, as I would like to call it.It's all about changing the habit of hardly walking at all to walking more often in order to accomplish the simpliest way to lose weight.


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