Use coconut oil in your food to lose weight faster

"The oils you mention are good for you, yes (make sure canola is ge free) but on heating it causes a chemical reaction which actually creates trans fats. Coconut oil is the only oil which is not altered by heat."I became curious about this because I know a friend of mine uses coconut oil (Cocosa - Pure Coconut Oil). He doesn't use it to fry foods though (as he never eat fried things because "it's not healthy"), but to enhance the flavor of foods, for example rice, vegetables and beans.I've tried it and it's actually very tasty to use in food (if you use the one where they have stripped away the taste of the actual coconut).I made a search online and I found out a lot of positive things about coconut oil. The best one is that it helps you to lose weight because it stimulates the metabolism so you burn more calories!I have yet to found another cooking oil that posess this quality...


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