The Best Solution For You Who Often Feeling Tired

The Best Solution For You Who Often Feeling Tired

The Best Solution For You Who Often Feeling Tired - Such a fantastic word…I love feeling accomplished…can you relate?  When it comes to a workout and it is on a day where I am feeling unmotivated and I kick it into gear and do it…ACCOMPLISHED.   I can also feel this way after cleaning the bathrooms…YUCK…but it has to be done.  I can have such an overwhelming AWWWW feeling inside after I have completed something on my long “to do” list…or even my short one.  It is like falling back on the couch and saying to myself…well done Darla…I do not need to look for anyone’s approval to feel this way.  It is my inner contentment, and love for self that I long to satisfy…and make God happy with what I do of course.

The Best Solution For You Who Often Feeling Tired
Believe me…I see so many people get caught up in the race of competing with others, comparing to others, wanting to be like others…that they are missing out on their own accomplishments…great or small...why oh why I say…and I further say STOP already.  I have got on my soap box a few times about the whole comparison subject and probably will touch on it again and again…it is that important.  Life is really too short to live someone else's dream, to try to walk their walk…crap…who really knows what goes on behind the closed doors of anyone’s walk.  I mean really…the only walk that is known for sure…is mine and yours…right?  I am not going to waste my swagger trying to be someone else, or constantly compare and think I do not match up…heck would never  feel  ACCOMPLISHED if this were the case.   Instead, I will focus my energy on the things I know that I have control over in my life, work on my goals of having a balanced healthy life, and strive for my own feeling of accomplishment. 
Sometimes it takes years to understand this…believe me…I have had to walk a journey of life learning just like you.  Today as my laundry lies in piles around me, my ARC trainer calls my name for a ride and as I juggle my domestic engineering chores and prepare for my upcoming week…I WILL FEEL ACCOMPLISHED.  Feeling accomplished does not have to be some news making event, or something off the charts WOW…it is the small every day things that are done on a daily basis that give me that feeling of accomplishment…my workout, a call to a friend, time with God, laundry, cleaning the house,  creating a new recipe, eating clean for the day, got my water intake in for the day…you see…anything goes…it is the things that are done day in and day out on a consistent basis that bring accomplishment and create this life that I call HEALTHY! 


My Workout Today with Modifications(NO pushups or dips for Me)

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