The Process of Recovery And Me

The Process of Recovery And Me

Celebrating 48!!!!

The Process of Recovery And Me

Rhe Process of Recovery And Me - MAN have I noticed a few things over this past year and as I near 50…front and center …I NEED MY RECOVERY TIME…and I better listen to what my body is telling me or … low energy, burn out, unmotivated…and all the things that fatigue can bring me…YUCK.  YES, I have taken care of myself and try to be the BEST me every day…does that mean over-the-top grueling workouts…OH NO…no more for this girl.  I do not need to be that intense athlete of my teens, 20-30s anymore…and I really do not want to.  It is has developed muscle for me which is YAHOO good, but also some wear and tear…not so good.

I create programs that are intense but do not push beyond my limits…nope…not for this fitness girl.  I mean…Why? ...What is the purpose…the point…really…do I need to lift enormous amounts of weight to put extreme pressure on my spine, joints, tissues, and grunt until I pop a hemorrhoid…YIKES… do I need to prove something to someone…NO, NO and NO.  It is not my goal to further injure myself, or put myself at risk of re-injury.  My goal is to take care of my body, nourish it with healthy foods, and REST when my body says…for goodness sakes Darla…lay the hell down already. 

The Process of Recovery And Me
I must admit, sometimes, I do not listen to this voice and I pay the price.  I will attempt a workout and my body just says…NOT HAPPENING GIRL!  Ughhh…then I think about the demands I have placed on it over the past few days, coupled with a few days of not getting enough sleep and I clearly understand what my body needs.  The point is, I can no longer ignore and push through these moments…I NEED to listen.

I understand that my physiological self is much younger than my age due to my healthy lifestyle, but what is fact… Darla on the cellular level is indeed 48…I am having all the hormonal and cellular changes that go with being 48...this part can suck…can’t change it…it is a fact.  I also realize that I do not have to work out every single day, but NEED those recovery days here and there to ensure my body is able to respond and build in a healthy way.  So am I saying that growing older is not a good thing…NO…it is a great honor, gift, and privilege every single moment of every day.  What I am saying is that I need to modify how I treat my body and allow for more TLC during this fabulous stage of my life…it is a transition of my body which is a part of my life’s journey. 

The Process of Recovery And Me
I will be human and say…YUCK…sometimes, especially on the hormonal changes…and I can go on and on about this one.  I will also say that WOW…what kind of brick hit this house today…meaning my body definitely will scream for a day off.  This is sometimes hard to accept… I will be truthful, but on the other hand, if I do not listen…I will feel like dog doo…so life is truly a balance of recovery, fitness, nutrition, spiritual being…and more RECOVERY.  What works for me at this stage is paying close attention on my intake, and not working so hard on the output…I have fabulous workouts don’t get me wrong, but I am not in there trying to burn off calories of OMG…what did I do yesterday with my food intake.  I cater my workouts on the energy level of that day… if I feel like a HIIT workout I do that, cardio and core on a Darla feels slow day…I do that, or back to the basics weight circuit that is controlled and methodical achieving a good burn on a day that says to take it easy with the plyometrics…that gets done. 

So, I do not believe in abusing my body through a workout…never again…maybe a part of my past…but definitely not in my present or future.  And although it has been difficult to accept that I need more recovery, I also have embraced that I NEED more recovery…my thinking about it has changed in a positive way…I do not have a guilt trip because I am not hitting the gym when my body says rest, and knowing that the rest is rebuilding ME to be my BEST recovered me…FABULOUS! The absolute best part…I feel so much stronger when I do my next workout and love coming back feeling better and stronger.  When I look at RECOVERY like that, it is the healthiest gift I can give myself…so today…I RECOVER!  



Definitely on STRONG Darla day with modification

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