Balance, Life, and Vacation

On Vacation!
If you tuned into my last Blog, you may have figured out that I was going on vacation…well…I DID and had a blast…except for the nasty scrape and bruise to my bootie that I am still healing from …talk about a pain in the backside…YIKES…I will go more into that in a bit.  Let me just tell you that I am a simple gal and when it comes to our boat trips, I pack light because we are usually in swim suits most of the time, don’t wear makeup…don’t need it and rarely wear it anyway, lots of sunscreen…non-stinging waterproof please, Burt’s Bees lip balm, and my MUST have leave in spray conditioner to get out the tangles from lots of swimming;)…Woo Hoo that is what I am talking about…simplicity as it’s vacation BEST. 

When Friday came, I took my watch off and did not concern myself with what time it was for one full week…no time constraint, no schedules…AHHH…such a free feeling to do whatever I wanted, when I wanted without hurry, deadline, and just reading my body for eating times and sleeping…and of course enjoying quality time with hubby, boating fun and the great outdoors.  It truly seems like life should be this simple, this stress free most of the time.  I think it is important to MAKE IT HAPPEN…to schedule those down time moments to really appreciate what life is all about…it is definitely not about the GO GO GO, and  DON’T STOP TILL YOU DROP life…NOT FOR ME. 

One of our Coves
Deer Sighting!!!
Did I freak out knowing I was not going to be getting in my normal workouts…maybe at first and only for a second… this girl was ready to go.  Actually, I was looking forward to giving my body a rest, plugging into some meditation, being creative with active rest, and truly taking in LIFE.  Not that I do not do that on a daily basis, but sometimes, a deeper spending of time to appreciate everything around me is in order.  Also, taking a vacation is a good way to prevent burn out by taking a break from the things that are done day in and day out.  I come back with a renewed sense of being each time…I LOVE THAT.

Was I going to rebel and throw all my healthy philosophies out the window…of course NOT.  Was I going to provide leniency to enjoy things that I typically would not partake in moderation…a BIG YES!  Life is about balance, about living, about enjoying, about BEING REAL…that is who I am…REAL.  Please do not think that I am some super fitness freak who spends hours in the gym working out, and only eating boiled chicken, steamed broccoli and egg whites…WRONG.  Not to say that these items are not in my nutrition plan…but really…if you have seen my recipes, I am very much into great tasting food and lots of variety.  Our cooler was full of prepared meals of Quinoa with sun dried tomatoes, lean turkey meats, marinated chicken, spinach salad…you get the picture.  We did purchase some Organic Flax Meal Chips from Costco and I have to say…impressed with the quality.  Important to intake a little salt when spending time in the heat in addition to lots of water…so a few chips here and there fueled this water girl.  


Trail to Water slide
We launched at Lake Shasta, one of our favorite spots to putt around, swim, and create our own adventures.  Each day, we did what we wanted and were active by taking in ½  to 1 mile swims each day, having pull up contests off the boat dive platform, and hiking around off shore.  Now…getting to the bootie injury…a few minutes of fun for over a week of discomfort…next time I am bringing on the  OK…we discovered a Natural Rock Water Slide that existed off one of the coves, and although a bit of a hike to get there…it was absolutely beautiful and tropical looking…so many pools surrounded by golden rocks…BREATHTAKING.  The end of paradise trail revealed the Rock Water Slide…well, a swim across the natural pool and climb up the rocks using a knotted rope was the only way to reach the top of the slide ... I admit I was a bit was a thrill for sure...but...the OH NO ...bump bump bump…scraped my bootie on the rocks.  

Water slide! I was able to find this pic online
Accomplished, but man did it tear a half dollar size deep raspberry on my tailbone area…talk about not being able to sit down for a week…there you have it…this bootie will definitely be padded next time.  I seemed to be the only one with the bootie problem as I asked others coming off the slide if they hurt their tailbone…no, no and no…hmmm…oh well.  I did witness people hiking all the way, and deciding not to try the adventure, but all was good fun…always about the journey.  My hubby went down about 3 times…I was happy with my one time adventure especially with my backside burning when it hit the water.  

Coming back from vacation is always bitter sweet, but it does feel good to get home, sleep in my own bed, get my ground legs back, and return to my routine.  I do return with a renewed sense of self as I shared earlier, feeling content, happy, and even more creatively sparked.  I enjoy seeing my clients and firing up my oven for some healthy baking.  The point I am trying to bring home is not how I burnt my bum on the water slide, but how important it is to take a step back, slow things down, get out of a rut, change things up, have some fun, and just be free for awhile, even if it is for a day, or even a week.  I know that balance is important  to my successful and happy life, helps to reduce stress, enables me to clear my head, and spend quality time not only with me but the best part…spending time with my partner, friend, and love of my life.  Now that is FABULOUS in my Stay Healthy Book!

Me with my Fabulous Husband, Don...We Enjoy our Healthy Life


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