TAKING A BREAK FROM FITNESS - I am walking away from fitness!!!  Yes…you heard me… and I am going to enjoy every moment of this week off.  Just like anything else done day in and day out, stepping back and away for a short time and taking a break from what I do daily can rejuvenate my body, mind, and provide a fresh stronger ME when I return…like going on a little vacation from your job and coming back feeling like…YES…I can tackle the world. 

There are times that my body feels tired, burned out, and there are days that I, the trainer need to be pushed through a workout…thanks BABE for that!  I also listen to things like…why is my hamstring staying sore and not recovering well, my sleep not the best, and just mentally in need of a break.  YUCK…really…but you know being healthy is not only about how many days I can spend in the gym to push through that hour workout.  Life is truly a balance of the physical, mental, nutritional, and spiritual and if one is out of balance…there is no balance.  Taking a mental and spiritual break is what I am talking about for 7 days…fun active quiet time of doing whatever I feel, whenever I feel…even if that means hanging out under a tree and watching the leaves move through the breeze…you know the things that we all think about doing…but never do…I AM DOING IT!

Also, I am no longer that 20 something athlete who could leap over “small” buildings in a single bound and go go go it seemed without every really taking a break.  This “Older, Wiser, Better” fitness gal is really in tune to her body and I have put some thought into taking this break.  Am I going to throw all my philosophies out the window during this week…of course not!  What I am going to concentrate on is having fun, still being active but in a different way.  My nutrition will be maintained as I always have…that is a lifestyle that to me feels like breathing and I look forward to my healthy meals and enjoy how I feel overall when I eat healthy. 

I will tell you that YES…I will struggle and have withdrawals from my norm workouts…maybe even a little anxious about doing this...this is really stepping out of my comfort zone.  On the other hand, I am looking forward to a not so structured time of active rest, one that is not planned and methodically put together, but a spontaneous adventure of let’s say hiking, swimming, playing outside (I am a kid at heart), and things like that.  So, I am taking a break from my norm, but still planning to be a moving girl…I am not just going to sit on my tush, eating crap, and call that quality rest…NOT.  

I AM GOING TO HAVE FUN!  Life is about balance and listening to the call of rest, relaxation, and just being in the moment of who I am outside the gym.  I have reprogrammed my thinking to know that this will be good for my body and the rejuvenation fabulous for strength and muscle gains.  I am not going to freak out or feel guilty as the “old” Darla did for living life outside my normal day to day…I mean really.  Thank goodness, I am no longer that chickie. I know that my body will not turn into a marshmallow, become cellulite ridden, and my muscle disappear into nothing…really…come on now…NO WAY.  It would take me at least 3 weeks of inactivity as an extremely fit exerciser to start a decline in my fitness level, and muscle memory lasts for months…so this chick is covered and “Good to Go” for this 7 day rest adventure. 

I do know that I will appreciate being in the moment as I frolic about in the water, being outdoors around beautiful scenery and just laying on my back under the stars taking in the wonders of everything that is life…FABULOUS!  I will feel my body resting, recharging so to speak, and know that when I return to my programmed workouts, it will be with even a stronger and more positive MENTAL and PHYSICAL game.  Guilt Free Fun…HERE I COME!!! 


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