Feeling Fabulous Friday

Today feels like an especially fabulous Friday and I wanted to share that with you.  I have been so blessed with busyness that making videos has taken a backseat…but…drum roll…I finished work early today and busted my backside to put a workout and In Your Face MOTIVATION video together…with a little flub in the beginning…but oh well…let’s see if you catch it.  Today is all about feeling fabulous and really appreciating the life that I have.   Truly, it is all about being happy right where I am…not wanting for more or wishing I had this or that materially…because that is not the meaningful stuff in my journey called life. 

Think about feeling fabulous, feeling healthy, feeling happy….I strive for that every day, every moment.  Is it realistic that I will have this all the time…well of course not…but I choose to be positive, surround myself with people who grow me in positive ways, and lean on my faith in God.  Life is really too short not to strive for QUALITY in everything that I do, think and feel.  Quality workouts, food, relationships, time…and my list can go on and on…do you get my picture?  In fact, I believe in quality over quantity…am I going to pound out 20 biceps curls in poor form…well…NO…but slow, controlled QUALITY movement…now that is what I am talking about.  I often say that “Nothing Good Happens Fast” and it is so true for many things in life.  Successful weight loss, lean mass gain, healing through injury, recovery from childbirth are all examples of things that take time.  I will be writing more about that in another Blog post.

Getting back to this moment and feeling great on this Friday…I have been able to do so much that has made me feel accomplished… working with my fabulous clients, getting some domestic engineering done and making a video for you…Woo Hoo…I FEEL GOOD!  I am only one, but I WILL DO whatever I can to help as many as I can to adapt a healthy lifestyle, and I do have a plan for this Blog which I have explained on my DONATION page.  I am patient however, and when the time is right and ready, it will happen…that is called FAITH and believe me…I am full of that.  I wish YOU the best of health on this beautiful Friday, and thanks for all your support, feedback, and sharing of your success stories…YEAH!  





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Historic Spot in Nevada with my Hubby
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