HAVING A MOM MOMENT - I sit here as a mother who has  just watched her oldest son get married and I am in awe of where I am in life…not in an unhealthy way, but just in a WOW way.   I see the cycle of life being repeated in my children, every single one of them, and sometimes I am filled with disbelief of how fast the time has gone, the ages of my children, and the lives they now live, and finally… where I am…WOW!  I can still remember when my parents were my age and going through what I just experienced…can you relate? 

In a couple of years I will be 50 years young and wiser for the journey, but holy moly, I blinked my eyes and time traveled to “now” in an instant…so it seems.  I try to explain this phenomenon to my kids and they are not getting it just yet…but they soon will as their lives are becoming filled with the responsibility of adult life…marriage, work, college, financial obligations, etc.  This is a time of reflection for me as my very emotional “Mom Moment” took place watching my son get married…I hung on every word that was said, visually photographed their faces, every look, laugh, tear in that moment and sat there so full of being overwhelmed with gut wrenching feelings…happiness, sadness, joy, pride…everything all wrapped into one emotional package that required lots of tissue to the rescue. 


Each moment seems like it will last forever, but I am here to tell you…NOT…and I am sure many of you share in this feeling and knowledge.  I am now in a different stage of “Mom” and although I absolutely love where I am…it can feel weird.  I can still remember when my kids were small as if it were yesterday, and when they walk through the door now, I am looking at beautiful people capable of self sufficiency, intellectual conversation, and I am thankful that much of taking care of myself through fitness and nutrition  has rubbed off on them…and I think…WOW…that fabulous person came out of me…not to be gross or anything by saying that…but I am blown away by the adult who is also my child…I hope that makes sense.  The time I spend with them is much different, still full of love and hugs, but very much “adult” in our sharing.  
WOW... My Adult Kids
In my journey of Momhood I have transitioned through many phases, learned so much, loved so dearly, and pained through moments of difficult times.  I would have to say that being a mother has been one of the biggest successes of my life and probably one of the most important roles I have played and still play.  Marrying my best friend and husband, Don…I have gained 2 more adult children and with both our sons now married, I have 2 beautiful daughter-in-laws, in addition to our first grandchild last year.  Needless to say, I am one proud MAMA and Nana.


What does my “Mom Moment” have to do with maintaining healthy ME…I say it speaks volumes of who I am as a healthy person, a woman who places value and priority where it should be, and always does her best to live as a healthy example to all of my children…even if I get called “Dr. Phil” or something funny like that when I put on the therapist hat.  Balance is important to living a healthy life, and taking care of myself through living a healthy life along my Mom journey has made a difference in the lives of my children who now implement healthy lifestyles for themselves.  It has been such an honor and privilege to watch my children grow into beautiful adults and my Momhood journey still continues as I now add the phase of grandmother…and you know…I feel pretty blessed to be able to feel like a kid, play like a kid, and enjoy every moment in this life looking forward to the next great event that will send me needing a box of tissue… I AM READY!

I dedicate this Blog to my Beautiful son, Eli and new bride Hayley.  I look forward to being a part of your lives as husband and wife, and continuing my journey as Mom to you both.  Here is to YOU, your marriage and may God bless you as you begin your journey together.  Love you~



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Me and My Fabulous Mom
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