Healthy is How You Respond to Life

Healthy is How You Respond to Life

Dentalhealth - Being healthy is many things but I feel the biggest player in life is how we respond to it.  We are all hit with situations every day in our marriages, workplace, family or friend drama, getting bad news and right down to the priority of taking care of our body.  It will be in the responses to life's circumstances that creates a healthier, happier, and many times stronger person.

Being healthy encompasses not only the physical and nutritional, but also includes the emotional and spiritual.  If any one of those dominoes are out of place, health is just not complete.  When a problem arises, we can choose to brood about it or problem solve in a healthy way.  Many times issues are out of our control and really, the only thing fixable or controllable is you and me.  We are not responsible for the actions or behavior of others, but what we do have is the actions and behaviors of ourselves.

Life can be made to feel complicated and depressing or carefree and happier simply by how we respond to situations.   The same principle should be applied to how we take care of our body.  Do we nourish it well, exercise it enough, and provide adequate rest for it?   What are your actions telling your body and how is it responding to you?  Are you getting great healthy feedback or receiving messges of fatigue, illness, overweight, depressed, and stressed out?

Our body is a good indicator of how we are living life.  A healthy lifestyle reflects itself from the inside out and if we are doing a great job with eating right, working out, and emotional and spiritual happiness then our body will feel pretty amazing as a whole.  If we choose not to listen to our body indicators to get our act together, guess what?  We will be hit with weight gain, stress, illness, and usually being pissed off at the world for our problems.  It is up to each of us to listen to what our body, mind and spirit is telling us and take appropriate action. It will be the responses in life that create our health.

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