5 Easy Ways to Eliminate Bad Breath

5 Easy Ways to Eliminate Bad Breath

5 Easy Ways to Eliminate Bad Breath
5 Easy Ways to Eliminate Bad Breath
5 Easy Ways to Eliminate Bad Breath -When fasting you must put off because of hunger and thirst can not eat and drink. Time verbal activity not there the risk of developing oral bacteria quickly and cause the bacteria to produce oral odor. Even if you brush your teeth, bad breath is sometimes inevitable. Even the expression of potential odor when fasting is about 70% occurs.

Make it so that you are still able to live a day without using a confident expression odor fasting time, you try to find a way to overcome the smell of expression. But whatever you must determine how the safety so as not to impact less good for you.

Below are some natural ways to prevent bad breath:

a. Expand Air Putih
Water is very useful for a variety of things. Also in health care, water consumption also can you do to prevent and cope with bad breath. You should drink water at least 2 liters at dawn and breaking. It can neutralize the bacteria originated in your body and lodged in the mouth that can lead to mouth odor.

b. Brushing Teeth
Of course, these tips are a common way, but the hours of fasting must never forget to brush your teeth after every meal and at bedtime whatsoever. As a result culinary residues can be guaranteed not to fall behind on the teeth that can trigger the bacteria to grow. Because these bacteria will eventually form your mouth odor.

c. Avoid foods Stinging
Do not eat foods sting when sahur and iftar. Bawan as white, petai, Grama and salted fish whatsoever. This can lead to bad breath who attacked you was not good.

d. Drinking Tea
Very simple materials found you sang. Tea is one of the few materials that originate high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are thought to generate and eliminate odor-causing bacteria in the expression expression you.

e. Eating grains and vegetables
In addition to healthy eating grains and vegetables are also very potent deodorize you verbal. In addition he can also re-active to produce saliva. You must know that saliva is a shield to prevent bacteria from forming expressions will become odor.

Therefore, you can try to overcome the above expression unpleasant odor that will hinder you, when fasting. Keep running and extend the activities of worship on this fasting month, using an expression of confidence because you do not smell anymore. If you feel this way not powerful, then try again and again and please consult a doctor. There may be other causes verbal smell you can not lose. Thank you and good luck.(D.H.M)


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