Do not Believe All That Thing In Your Think

Do not Believe All That Thing In Your Think

Do not Believe All That Thing In Your ThinkDo not Believe All That Thing In Your Think - Self-bashing, doubts, and negative thoughts can derail our fitness. We tend to be harsh with how we think about our bodies and self. This kind of thinking puts a nail in our fitness coffin before we even start.

We spend too much time caring what people think, comparing ourselves to others and unrealistic photo-shopped images. Instead of being positive about fitness, we become intimidated. Possibly even resentful and angry. We give into self-sabotage and what's the use attitudes.
Do not Believe All That Thing In Your Think
We strive to live up to someone else's standards and fitness results. Our drive to accomplish the grass is greener on the other side has clouded our thoughts. We are so focused on how we don't measure up, we are failing to see how fabulous we really are.

Each day is an opportunity to be proud of our efforts. Instead of being upset about losing only one pound, be happy to have lost one pound. Did you notice how that got switched around? We have to stop believing everything we think about ourselves. This has become a big problem getting in the way of our health and fitness goals.

What we believe determines our life, health, and happiness. Negative thoughts will take us down while positive feelings uplift and carry us to great places. Getting fit takes acceptance of being a beginner and progressing each day. Did you workout? Eat healthier? Awesome and be happy to have achieved a daily goal.
Fitness is really a simple process we often complicate with negative stuff. Time to toss out the negative committee living in our heads. We are stronger than all that useless noise between our ears.

Work on your mental game. If it helps, write positive affirmations on post-it notes and stick on your bathroom mirror or computer. It's not only important to read what they say, but also to believe the words.  Real talk all in fitness love. Be well and Stay Healthy!

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Eat Right to Lose Weight
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