Exercise Solutions To Maintain Body Fitness

Exercise Solutions To Maintain Body Fitness

Exercise Solutions To Maintain Body Fitness
Exercise Solutions To Maintain Body Fitness - What do I mean by looking like myself ?  Well, I have certain genetics and a lifestyle contributing to what I look like. I'm not supposed to look like anyone else including other fitness women in magazines.

Back in my competitive days, I do admit to more than admiring and felt I needed to look like them to win. I struggled with my body not responding the same way as another fitness competitor. It was an unrealistic way of thinking. The girls in the magazines don't even look like the girls in the magazine. Straight up the fitness truth.

I'm so happy to have learned through that insecure journey. I have come full circle with knowledge, age, and wisdom. I embrace who I am and what I look like. I strive to be my best me and not anyone else. It would be such a stressful life to constantly compare myself to all the beautiful women out there. Life is too short to think unrealistic thoughts or goals.

Did you know ALL images in magazines are photoshopped? The pictures are smoothed, cropped and colored for marketing appeal. The purpose is to create unreal images of women and men representing something they're not. Many of these models may be in great shape with a normal healthy body. What's missing is their natural lines, bumps, blemishes, rolls, bootie, and hips revised with a few strokes of a computer. Anyone can get a photoshopped 6-pack now and this isn't a joke. I'm not anti-photoshop, but if I need to go to the image credits just to recognize the person, that is simply not right. 

Exercise Solutions To Maintain Body Fitness
Some of my older modeling pictures are slightly photoshopped. I have to say it's an art of knowing just how much to shop an image and loved when some softness was needed. Overall, I prefer my untouched edgy images showing the real me.

I really enjoy taking self-portraits with no filters and proudly display those here and on my Instagram. Most are without makeup and sweaty from a workout showing the real over 50 me. 

It's important for me to want to look like myself and not someone else. This tells me that I accept, embrace, and honor who I am as Darla (woman, wife, mother, trainer, writer, daughter, sister, and friend). How could I even walk the shoes of helping people get healthy if I didn't believe in this. 

We all need to strive to become our best healthy self with the wonderful genetics we have. I'm no longer 20 something like my beautiful daughter who reminds me of my youth. However, I am over 50 and celebrate who I am today. I am pretty darn happy with that. Fitness is a journey and never a destination. 
not photoshopped
I embrace my fine lines earned from laughs, smiles, and a few frowns along the way. I believe aging is a privilege and an honor. Although there is no such thing as the fountain of youth, I feel fitness is darn close. I have kept my body and mind young living a healthy life.

Consistent exercise, healthy foods, plenty of rest, and balance of work and play have been my friend. My fit lifestyle not only keeps me feeling youthful but also decreases my risk of illness. I want to do my best to live a good long life. When it comes down to me and the mirror, there is acceptance.

A journey of un-photoshopped images and proud to display the real me:

My Workout of the Day:
ARC Trainer: 30 minutes
Body Stuff: (light today…a bit tired) 1 minute intervals
Modified french press (repeated 4x in between legs)
1 set cross back step ups
1 set reverse lunges
1 set squat lateral lifts

meal 3
Nutrition of the Day:
Coffee, one cup
1-1 Omega muffin
2-Post workout shake/ ¼ cup raw pumpkin seeds
3-Shredded chicken, avocado spinach wrap
4-Small potato topped with n/f Greek yogurt
5-Ground turkey breast burger and grilled corn
6-Watermelon and homemade protein balls
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