With Fitness, Then You Will Find Health and Life Satisfaction

With Fitness, Then You Will Find Health and Life Satisfaction

With Fitness, Then You Will Find Health and Life Satisfaction
Be Fabulous!
Satisfied is such a great word. I admit to being satisfied and happy with my life and fitness. I don't need to look for approval or contentment outside of myself. I stopped worrying about not being good enough years ago.

My younger self would run around trying to please everyone. I put my own feelings aside and didn't understand how to apply healthy boundaries. I am so happy to be older, wiser and definitely better.  

This journey called life has blessed me with many discoveries of positive growth. I understand all I have gone through as part of a learning process. 

How does satisfaction relate to my fitness?  I do take my health seriously and make fitness priority. I'm satisfied with the outward reflection of my lifestyle. This has nothing to do with vanity and everything to do with quality living and feeling my best.

I am content with my efforts and satisfied with my body. I don't need to be thinner, leaner, or even more muscular. I have complete satisfaction with the work I have done and the continued maintenance of my body. I can honestly say I am good. I know my limitations, understand myself on all levels and accept the person that is Darla. 

I have helped numerous people over the years. There are so many who remain unsatisfied even when they reach their fitness goals. They're living the lifestyle and it's still not good enough. This, of course, is a deeper issue. These are the feelings that haunt within and may stem from past events or even present circumstances. Regardless of how fit we are on the outside, if inner work is not exercised, true health and happiness won't happen. Time to stop fooling ourselves and work on whole body satisfaction. 

I am a positive advocate for counseling, therapy, and a woman of strong faith. I have no problem recommending inner work may be required. This is the time to visit the ghosts lurking in our minds and cluttering up our positive space. It's important to discover what the heck is going on to cause such unhappiness and nonacceptance of self. I have been there, done that, and greatly appreciative of all I have learned and having God on my side through the process.

Daughters are Fabulous
I look at myself and no longer see that 20 something gal now reflected in my beautiful daughter and stepdaughter. They are absolute peaches and cream beauties and I marvel in that for them. Being over 50 comes with laugh lines, stretched skin from having children, surgery scars, and the overall aging process.This is acceptance of the cycle of life and feeling blessed to have gone through and to be continuing the journey. This is satisfaction and happiness.

I may not be 20 anymore but will always work hard making health a priority to feel and look my best. Fitness is the fountain of youth and a way I honor myself in this beautiful life. I am trendy, not frumpy, and love to feel sexy. Being healthy satisfies all those things for me and my best is always the goal. 

I also believe in the word enough, and when it comes to my fitness, it's good enough. Satisfaction applies to so many things in my life. Contentment in being healthy is just a part of Darla.

I don't believe the grass is greener on the other side or having more is better. I do believe in the saying “I may not have the best of everything but I make the best of everything I have.” I enjoy less is more, love the simple things, not sweating the small stuff, and in daily miracles.

It's important for me to feel satisfaction, contentment, and value every moment. If I didn't do that, life wouldn't make sense. You may see Darla, the fitness expert, but let me introduce you to Darla, the satisfied person.   

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With Fitness, Then You Will Find Health and Life Satisfaction
With Fitness, Then You Will Find Health and Life Satisfaction

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