Keep Going When Fitness Feels Hard

Keep Going When Fitness Feels Hard

Keep Going When Fitness Feels Hard

Keep Going When Fitness Feels Hard - We all have hard stuff in life and days we just want to keep our heads tucked under the pillow.

The thing about life is being able to navigate through everything with our best healthy responses, attitudes, and choices. I'm not immune to feeling the tough in life and even in my workouts.

There are days I struggle with lack of motivation and would appreciate a hard push from a trainer to get me through. Not every day goes as planned and nutrition can get off track.

Sometimes, I am just tired, burned and have to take a step back and away from the gym. These are the days sitting in an Epsom salt bath takes priority. These feelings are absolutely normal and not a reason to quit but to grow in a positive way.

Life will have challenges and success comes from how we handle the discomfort. Building muscle is an uncomfortable process but we persevere to achieve a positive result.

Goals are achieved through planning and action. I have put in years of hard work to get the results I wear in the form of muscle. Tired or not, giving up was never an option. It's important to keep going when fitness feels hard. It will never be easy but we do get stronger.

As long as we give our best no matter what that looks like, it's good enough. Today, my best came through taking an Epsom salt bath and right now my sore muscles are saying thank you.

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