Charging the Hormones!
kesehatanmendatang.net - ENJOYING MY COFFEE BREAK - The warm mug cupped in my hand as the aroma drifts into my face, a sip here and there as I take in a morning peaceful moment all cuddled on the sofa with my feet tucked under myself…awww…sounds like a hallmark moment, or commercial that will definitely sell coffee…lol…but I am going to bring this to an abrupt HALT.  OK…rewind to a few months ago when I woke to have my usual cup of coffee with splash of non-fat French vanilla creamer…ON MY…yes…can’t do coffee straight up, and to my unsettling surprise…REJECTED…OH MY…OH WHY.  I do not know if you have ever experienced this, but all of a sudden I needed a coffee break…I mean a break from coffee…sniff sniff.  Believe me I tried for two mornings in a row, and the same result…blahhhh…YUCK. 

I was even feeling dragged down by the coffee and not perked up as usual…although I only drink half/calf anyway…but still…my body just was not feeling the love for the coffee.  I do take a few sips from my hubby’s mug just to test drive and although OK…it is not driving me to grab my own mug down and pour a cup.  Hmmmm….OK…I have been taking a break for at least 2 months now and I must say, I feel less tension, some weight loss (which I definitely do not need), and the added benefit of no stains on the pearly whites …at least for awhile.  I am not saying I am giving up coffee…maybe it is the hot summer months that has put the kibosh on my morning time with my warm cup. 

Studies show many health benefits in coffee and my one cup intake per day satisfied that…but now I will just have to make do with the rest of my healthy meals.  I have to admit that when my body responded well to the caffeine…meaning OK…this girl is ready to workout…I enjoyed that.  But truly, it got to where it felt like this backfired, and I no longer felt a surge of energy from the small amount of stimulant in a half/calf cup.  So…this made it easier to give up for awhile and I must say that I am enjoying my coffee break. 

When I feel a lack of energy now, I will not blame it on…man…I did not have my coffee…I can truly say…OK Darla…not enough rest, more recovery after that hard workout is needed, and the biggie as an almost 50 year young woman…HORMONE changes…YUCK.  Yes, hormones have much to do with how peri-menopausal and menopausal women feel.  I am definitely riding the peri journey right now and doing lots of research as my own health advocate.   I will say that I am so happy that watermelon season is here and I am eating pumpkin seeds like no other. 

I am not a woman who requires a JOLT to workout, so coffee on hold is OK in that area.  I hear so many people say OH MY…I just don’t have the energy to workout without my caffeine or energy drink fix…really????  OK…why does anyone need to be dependent on something to function through a workout…this is not healthy.  I can understand the occasional…man do I need a cup of coffee this morning, but when it becomes a dependence to function…not for this girl.  I do look forward to when my body says OK…YAHOO…loving coffee but for now… I will enjoy my coffee break;)



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