Turn Your Brain Without Eating Food Without Mind

Turn Your Brain Without Eating Food Without Mind 

Turn Your Brain Without Eating Food Without Mind healthylifestylearticle.xyz - Turn Your Brain Without Eating Food Without Mind - Mindless eating is ugly and what it does to your body is even worse.  We are walking around with our brains turned off and grabbing whatever food items in our grazing path.  No rhyme or reason but doing an auto-pilot action of putting something in our face. You know the glazed over look watching TV and mowing through a whole bag of chips. How about the work break room crap we bring to our desks and continue back for more as we plug away at our computers. We're not hungry, not thinking but we're surely eating ... and it's not good.

What the heck is going on and why?  It's no wonder America is plagued with the highest obesity rate and enormous doctor bills for self-induced illness.  Mindless eating needs to stop and instead have enough self-respect to take care of our bodies.  Living to eat is not what life is all about but eating to live, and this does not include processed "fake" food.

Emotional eating can play a role in the whole mindless eating issue, and I would recommend getting to the bottom of what is going on internally.  There is no amount of tasty donuts or pizza fixing an emotional problem.  What it will do is add fat to your body and another reason to be stressed.  Seek out professional help, go to a counselor, see a minister or talk to a trusted friend.
Turn Your Brain Without Eating Food Without Mind
Most of the time, mindless eating is done out of habit and convenience.  If it's there, put it in your face and so on.  We're the true "Walking Dead" existing in our zombie like state and feasting on gross things doing gross things to our body. It's time to turn your brain back on and break unhealthy habits.  
Start the process of mindful eating by doing food inventory.  Toss the junk food in the frig and pantry and replace it with healthy "real" food.   Get off your butt and start working out instead of sitting on it so much.  Stop blaming your spouse, significant other, friends or circumstances for mindless eating.  Just because someone in your home brings in crap food doesn't mean you have to eat it.  

We have choices and mindless eating is like being brain dead.  Wake the hell up and take responsibility for what you're doing.  Get your sh*t together and start thinking before eating.  Make a plan to eat healthy and stick to it.  Keep a food journal and be honest with yourself.  Turn your mindless into mindful eating and you will start down a path to a healthier you.  Straight talk but all in fitness love! Be well and Stay Healthy. 

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